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Cedar Siding

Cedar siding is a popular choice when fitting or replacing siding on the home. This is because it is resistant to both insects and to the weather. It is hardwearing and strong and can be used both on the interior of the property and the exterior too. It’s gorgeous coloring and style can be a beautiful addition to any home.

Boarding made from cedar siding is often layered when installed. It will require more maintenance when compared to vinyl or fiber cement to ensure it remains good quality and keep it protected against the elements. It needs to be treated with a stain or paint every few years (5-10 years usually) to keep it looking good. It is extremely versatile and it is easy to see why it is a popular choice.

Cedar Siding Benefits

Environmentally Friendly “Green Building”
As a natural material cedar siding is easier to produce in terms of less energy when compared to its vinyl or fiber cement counterparts. Countries like Canada have a high proportion (around 40%) of manufactured raw materials, but only use about a tenth of that in energy consumption. It is considered ‘green’ as it produces less greenhouse gases than when manufacturing siding from manmade materials. Cedar can be recycled easily and is renewable.

Natural Components
Cedar is unique as it has its own preservative, cedar oil, which means additional treatments of the wood is not necessary. Some chemical treatments can be harmful to human health, so the natural option is preferential to many.

Hardwearing Material
Cedar unlike other wood types does not weather easily so it is good for exterior siding. It has a natural resistance to not only rotting but to insects too, so termites need not be a problem.

Incredible Beauty and Aroma
While most people know just how beautiful cedar is, many might not realize it also smells great. Cedar is used in essential oils, perfumes and candle making as it smells so fresh and clean. The wood is also naturally colored and can fit perfectly into any property’s surroundings, a gorgeous addition to any home.

Exceptional Workability
Cedar is a great material to work with as it is pliable making the manufacturing process so much easier. It is easily cut and glued and can be finished to a high standard. It is usually manufactured in long planks so it can be resized easily. It can be carved, smoothed, nailed or glued. Because resin levels are low in cedar trees the material adheres well, and can be painted or stained easily.

Cedar Siding Installation

Considered one of the best building materials worldwide, it is beautiful lightweight and strong. It is excellent for insulation and can be adapted to suit any project both internally or externally at the property.

Minneapolis Siding can install cedar siding to your home quickly and efficiently ensuring a high standard of product and fitting that will last for years to come.

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Our testimonials

"Incredible service!"

We chose Minneapolis Siding for our home renovations and I am so glad we did. The team communicated with us every step of the way and made sure that we knew every details about the sidings and window replacements that we had chosen. They were not put off by the proximity to our neighbors, kept to the budget and were always here on time. Thank you for everything!

Bobby S.

"Thank you Minneapolis Siding!"

As the existing siding was more than 35 years old it was time it was replaced. Getting quotes from four different companies showed me that Minneapolis Siding was the most cost-effective. The installation was carried out perfectly and every member of the team was clearly a skilled professional. I got a great deal and I am very happy with the completed job. Thank you again, Minneapolis Siding!

Clara D.

"Honest and reliable team!"

We had a very happy experience when we hired Minneapolis Siding. The team explained all the advantages and disadvantages of the different siding materials, particularly the cost differences. The budget for the project was limited so with this in mind the team helped me to work out which walls needed to be done now and which could wait a while longer. I have no hesitation in recommending the Minneapolis Siding team!

Michael A.

"Professional, efficient service that stayed on budget – fantastic!"

Our replacement siding was done by Minneapolis Siding. We spoke personally to the owner of the company who was happy to guide us as we chose a new material for the siding on our home. He provided samples and catalogs and even though we took a few weeks to make a decision they ordered the materials as soon as we told them what we wanted. The team started work the very next day. I was astounded at the speed and efficiency. The team were always happy to answer our questions and cleaned up the site each day.

Charles D.